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Blockchain technology is now moving beyond early hype toward practical implementation. In financial services, the greatest progress has been with collaborations, efforts that involve financial technology vendors, financial services providers, and regulatory, and compliance stakeholders from the outset.



    We will explore the following at the event:

  • How Distributed Ledger Technology Can help bank the Unbanked
  • Blockchain Tokenization for Money Transfer
  • The central bank-issued digital currencies
  • Investing, Crypto Funds, and Startup Capital Formation
  • Blockchain for good /Regulation and Legislation
  • Blockchain Innovations Real Estate
  • Blockchain Innovations Government/Social Payment
  • Panel 1:

  • Blockchain Legislation Panel
  • Blockchain technology in the energy sector
  • Blockchain Innovations Telecom Industry
  • Crypto and Banking
  • Blockchains for government bring transparency
  • BVN on blockchain transaction security
  • Blockchains-for-Good/Prevent human trafficking
  • Panel 2:

  • Blockchain Innovations Healthcare Industry
  • Supply Chain, Food/Drug Safety and Counterfeit Protection
  • Blockchain Innovations Insurance
  • Partnering with crypto exchanges
  • Protecting Crypto Assets and other cutting-edge technologies that can help the country
  • Which institutions are adopting blockchain technologies?

    Small, nimble tech innovators continue to rise, advancing solutions, raising capital and innovating off one another at a breakneck pace. A few will launch regulated businesses. Most want to sell to large corporates, like banks, insurance companies and to their regulators. And these large corporates are very interested. Many have invested in blockchain pilots, been granted patents and made acquisitions as they hedge their bets on which solutions will gain traction with regulators and the public.

    IBM and Bank of America each have about 50 active crypto-related patents. J.P. Morgan launched its JPM coin in early 2019. The Reserve Bank of South Africa launched Project Khokha and The Monetary Authority of Singapore launched Project Ubin, both pilots focused on intra-bank settlement on a blockchain. The Kiva Protocol (a credit rating for the unbanked) has a DLT element, Senegal has a digital currency, and all eyes are on a Facebook’ newly formed subsidiary, Calibra, and its plans for the cryptocurrency, Libra.

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Companies Adopting

blockchain technology

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We have decades of experience in financial technologies, and in the past year we traveled around the world to gain from the perspectives of innovators, we developed a permissioned DLT, and we successfully implemented this for money transmission (outbound from the USA). We are fully equipped to educate other stakeholders about the direction and practical use of blockchain technology.


The event brings together decision-makers from venture capital firms, family offices, pension funds, the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigerian Communications Commission, the National Identity Management Commission, Nigeria Interbank Settlement System, the African Development Bank, the United Nations, Commercial Banks, Microfinance banks, International Money Transfer Organizations, Mobile Payment Operators, Telecommunications companies, Bureau de change operators, Insurance companies, parastatals, NGO’s and fintech companies under one roof.

Local institutions


International Institutions




Senior leaders of all west Africa’s financial Institutions must know what cryptocurrency is, and what token-creation is, and be well prepared for the inevitable, a future in which the storage and movement of value will be tokenized, leveraging on security and interoperability, with conventional fiat currency used to settle.



  • Blockchain Finance Lagos is a networking and world-class event for Fintech companies, Commercial Banks, Microfinance Banks Mobile payment operators, IMTO's, Telco’s, and Bureau De Change.
  • It brings a level of expertise that is unrivaled in the industry.
  • Learn how to create your token in Naira and interoperate with other Global currency using a simple protocol
  • See how Remco blockchain helps your customers swap token in an entirely trustless, peer-to-peer, zero-fee environment
  • Learn about Tokenization and how you can take advantage of interoperability it brings
  • Discover future trends in Blockchain technology and how this may play out in Nigeria
  • Unlock the Blockchain mystery and why you should be prepared for the future,
  • Network with industry experts and key delegates from hundreds of financial institutions
  • Learn how tokenization can be used to fund social security benefits in Nigeria and what it means for financial service providers
  • Partner with stakeholders and reduce the time and effort required to form relationships
  • Gain fresh perspectives from companies using tokenization to move value today
  • Discover cutting-edge solutions that can be used to attract new customers and retain them
meet event
meet event
Who will you meet at

The Event?

  • Chief executive officers from different banks, mobile payment operators, Telco’s, International money transfer Operators, Microfinance banks, bureau de change
  • Chief technical officers
  • Delegates from the Central Bank of Nigeria
  • System and solution providers
  • Decision-makers, Venture capitalist, fund managers, FX operators, supply chain, and senior executives
  • Industry experts, consultants and Insurance companies

Industry Sectors

Automotive, Banking, BFSI, Energy, Entertainment, FMCG, Governments, Manufacturing, Money Transmitters, Real estate, Telecommunication Companies, Entertainment, Travel / Hospitality, Healthcare


Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain companies, Commercial Banks, Digital Identity Security, FinTech companies, Hardware companies, Microfinance Banks, Mobile payment Operators, Insurance Companies, ICOs, Investors, Mining companies, Public relation Agencies

Sponsors and partners


Blockchain Finance Lagos is a must-attend event for those seeking to understand practical blockchain applications and to be among those who propel their organization’s innovation over the next couple of years.

  • Get your brand in front of the right people. Contact us for Sponsorship Opportunities. We offer pre-and post-event marketing and controlled user-permissioned access to the list of delegates and key decision-makers in regulatory, banking, Mobile Payment, Microfinance banks, Telco’s, etc.
  • What to expect as a Sponsor or Exhibitors at the event
  • Feature your company in our next newsletter to over 4 million mobile payment subscribers (Included)
  • Showcase your solution to the decision makers in country of over 180 million, regulators, Mobile payment operators, Commercial Banks, Microfinance banks, Insurance companies. (Included)
  • Leverage your assigned relationship manager to facilitate introductions and gain exposure to the decision makers in Nigeria's vibrant market. (Included)
  • Network and form relationship with the audience prior, during and after the event. (Included)
  • Placement of your banners, flyers and your solution prominently to attendees
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All attendees require a badge to attend the event. Placing your brand on the badges ensures visibility and introduction to your company


Attendees appreciate the availability of high-speed internet connection. We'll direct attendees to your boot or desk to obtain logon credentials to the Wi-Fi thereby giving you the opportunity to engage them to learn about your company

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Sponsor Badge and Lanyard. All attendees require a badge to attend the event. Placing your brand on the badges ensures visibility and introduction to your company


This is an opportunity to distribute your promotional items. All attendees will be provided a bag with your flyers, business cards and educational items about your company and your blockchain solution

  • Attendees will converge for coffee breaks at the event. Sponsor coffee breaks by placing your banner prominently in the coffee room to be seen by all attendees
  • Sponsor the event evening after party Interactive food station
  • Delight attendees by sponsoring interactive local and intercontinental foods during the evening party.
  • Sponsor after event evening party drink station
  • This can be a customized champagne cocktail bar, local beer and soft drinks
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